Arena showdowns of top teams ahead

Arena showdowns of top teams ahead

The teams that make up the Astra Wealth Advisors Super Six Power Rankings kept winning through the first full week of playoffs, making sure the next round of showdowns at the top of the rankings takes place at the largest stage in District 2.

Three of the four sets of rankings will feature the No. 1- and No. 2-ranked teams. In the other, the second- and third-ranked teams will go head-to-head immediately after trading positions in the rankings.

When District 2 held its quarterfinal and semifinal playoffs last week, the only losses suffered by teams ranked fifth or better, among boys or girls, Big Schools or Small Schools, were against teams that were ranked higher.

The only team to lose to a lower-ranked or unranked team was Valley View, the former Big School Boys No. 6 team, which lost to Tunkhannock.

The continued success of the teams at the top set up rematches in the three No. 1-vs.-2 matchups.

Top-ranked Scranton Prep will face second-ranked Lake-Lehman in a Big School Girls matchup for the District 2 Class 4A title Thursday at 6 p.m. in the second game of a tripleheader.

No. 1 Wyoming Seminary will play No. 2 Holy Redeemer in a Small School Boys game that will decide the District 2 Class 3A championship in the game that follows Thursday at 8.

The first of Saturday’s five games will have unbeaten and top-ranked Dunmore facing second-ranked Holy Redeemer in a Small School Girls game for the District 2 Class 3A title at noon.

Scranton Prep is the second-ranked Big School Boys team. It will face third-ranked Nanticoke in the District 2 Class 4A championship game Saturday at 4 p.m.

Abington Heights, the No. 1 Big School Boys team, is the only top-ranked team that does not face a No. 2 team. It will play fifth-ranked Crestwood at 8 p.m. in the Class 5A game that wraps up the day’s tripleheader.

While many of the usual suspects held their ground, there were some changes in the rankings.

The Dallas boys and Wyoming Valley West girls each moved into the Super Six. The Scranton Prep and Northwest boys moved up.

The Valley View boys and Nanticoke girls fell out of the rankings.

The only change in the top two-thirds of any of the rankings comes in Big School Boys.

Scranton Prep and Nanticoke swapped the second and third positions before getting a chance to settle matters on the court.

Both teams won twice to reach the final.

Scranton Prep has the higher seed and the better record. It moved up with the help of the more decisive victories, beating Meyers, 61-39, and Western Wayne, 50-31, while Nanticoke was topping Hanover Area, 65-45, and Tunkhannock, 49-48.

Abington Heights, Hazleton Area and Crestwood held first, fourth and fifth as the top five teams went 8-0.

Hazleton Area will meet unranked Scranton in Saturday’s 8 p.m. District 2-4 Class 6A Subregional final.

Dallas moved into the sixth spot by playing well while splitting two games. It will have a chance to gain the district’s third state berth in Tuesday’s playoff with Wallenpaupack.

The Mountaineers (14-10) defeated Pittston Area, 58-47, and played Abington Heights tough in a 59-51 loss.

The only change in the Big School Boys was Northwest switching with Lakeland, moving up one spot to replace the Chiefs in fifth.

Wyoming Seminary, Holy Redeemer and Holy Cross held the top three spots by each winning twice.

The Class 3A district championship game will be a rematch of the game that Wyoming Seminary won last year. The teams split their two Wyoming Valley Conference meeting this season.

Mid Valley is still fourth after having its season end at 19-6 with a semifinal loss to Holy Redeemer.

Northwest played its way into the District 2 Class 2A final against Holy Cross with two wins by a total of 34 points. The Rangers (13-9) went from sixth to fifth.

Lakeland finished a 15-9 season as the sixth-ranked team.

The top five spots in Big School Girls remained the same.

Scranton Prep, Lake-Lehman and Abington Heights are again 1-2-3 after each winning twice.

When they met Dec. 12 in a non-league game, Scranton Prep defeated Lake-Lehman, 50-32.

Fourth-ranked Hazleton Area won its only game and will play Williamsport Friday at 6 for the District 2-4 Class 6A Subregional championship.

Berwick remains fifth after a 36-26 semifinal loss to Lake-Lehman and will try to land the state’s third state tournament berth during a Tuesday Class 4A playoff game against Nanticoke.

Wyoming Valley West (16-8) won twice to earn a shot at third-ranked Abington Heights in the District 2 Class 5A final. The Lady Spartans joined the rankings in sixth after winning their sixth straight and ninth in 10 games.

The Small School Girls rankings remained the same with Dunmore followed by Holy Redeemer, Riverside, Old Forge, Holy Cross and Susquehanna.

Dunmore, Holy Redeemer and Holy Cross won twice.

Holy Redeemer’s wins included 43-40 Saturday when it ended Riverside’s season in the District 2 Class 3A semifinals.

Dunmore defeated visiting Holy Redeemer, 63-31, in a Dec. 17 non-league game. Holy Redeemer, which also fell to the Lady Bucks in last year’s final, has not lost to a District 2 team since playing the Lady Bucks in the second week of the season.

Holy Cross won twice and Old Forge once to set up their meeting for the District Class 2A title Friday at 4 p.m.

Susquehanna did not play. It is scheduled to have a District 2-11 Class A Subregional semifinal game Tuesday and the District 2 Class A title game Thursday at 4 p.m. against Forest City at the Mohegan Sun Arena. will continue to produce the Astra Wealth Advisors Super Six Power Rankings through the end of the state tournament.



(With Record, Last Week’s Rankings)



1. Abington Heights (22-2, 1)

1. Scranton Prep (23-1, 1)

2. Scranton Prep (21-3, 3)

2. Lake-Lehman (19-5, 2)

3. Nanticoke (21-6, 2)

3. Abington Heights (19-5, 3)

4. Hazleton Area (17-7, 4)

4. Hazleton Area (19-6, 4)

5. Crestwood (20-6, 5)

5. Berwick (19-6, 5)

6. Dallas (14-10, NR)

6. Wyoming Valley West (16-8, NR)



1. Wyoming Seminary (24-2, 1)

1. Dunmore (24-0, 1)

2. Holy Redeemer (20-3, 2)

2. Holy Redeemer (23-3, 2)

3. Holy Cross (19-5, 3)

3. Riverside (19-5, 3)

4. Mid Valley (19-5, 4)

4. Old Forge (18-5, 4)

5. Northwest (15-9, 6)

5. Holy Cross (16-8, 5)

6. Lakeland (15-9, 5)

6. Susquehanna (16-6, 6)